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Monday, July 10, 2017

Twist, the ideal app to communicate with your team

Doist, developer company of the already well-known application of Todoist tasks have recently launched Twist , a new application for communication with work teams arriving to be at the top of the App Store.

How Twist was born?

Twist was born of the need of its own team, Doist, of an app where they could have an effective conversation between the team .
One of the reasons that led them to develop this app was the communication with their team. They tried some apps like Slack, a very well known app with very good reviews. Very briefly, Slack allows the creation of communication channels where within them it is possible to have a real-time conversation with all the users that form it.
If you have been able to try out Slack, you are sure that some of these channels have been saturated with messages that, although keeping the same general theme (channel) has been spoken of different sub-themes leading to cause a chaos of messages , that is , The oldest messages are buried in the meantime message. This meant that certain important messages, if you were not all day stuck to your mobile or if you have users from different countries and time slots, those messages were not given the necessary attention.
If you want to know more about the comparison of Twist with Slack, we leave you an article published by Doist where I explain everything.
Comparison between Twist and Slack
Comparison between Twist and Slack. Source: Twist
Twist collided with this method and did not fit their needs and decided to develop a method of asynchronous communication . "That means the app is designed so you do not have to answer messages continuously, but when you can or you set the time for it."
This application developed by Doist, organizes the messages in a much more efficient way, keeping in mind every message that is published.

What is and what has Twist?

Twist is a team communication application that promotes a more relaxed, organized and productive teamwork. It is a strong bet against the stress and frustration of real-time chat applications.
This application allows you to create as many channels of communication as you want ( Channels ) both a normal user and administrators. The possibility of creating channels is not restricted to any user. Only administrators can create private channels that will only have access to what they see fit.
Within these channels, unlike other apps, this is not a chat in real time but every user who wants to start a conversation topic should create a " Thread ", that its definition in Spanish could be what we know as thread The theme.
Visualization of different Threads in the Twist app
Visualization of different Threads in the Twist app. Source: Twist
Keeping distances, remember the operation of a forum on the web. You create a Thread with the title and message body you want and it will be available to all users. In this way, all threads or threads open within the channel will be perfectly divided and will never be lost or buried among hundreds of messages.
Example Thread in the Twist app
Example Thread in the Twist app. Source: Twist
This is their strong point, and after trying it for several weeks with a working group I can confirm that the organization is incredible. All threads are on hand to see what is being talked about and thanks to the notification system that includes, which allows to notify only the creator of the topic, the users you choose or all members of the channel, if the topic does not Go with you do not bother every minute the messages of a new message.
In addition to "Channels" and "Threads" includes, now yes, an internal , separate chat . In this section we find a general chat , in which you can communicate with all members the team. You have the option to open a private chat with the user of your choice, as well as a group chat with the users that you want.
Twist has put stress on stress and has implemented a vacation mode , which you can activate for the period of time you choose, modifying your avatar to record it and not bother even a single notification.
It is available for iOS and Android, for Mac and Windows, as well as a web version. If you are an iOS user you can download it directly from here and if you have a Mac computer, from here .


One of the great problems of working on the internet or at home is the hours of work and the disconnection of it. Those who work like this come a time when you do not know how to disconnect from work and spend hours and hours in front of a computer or answering every notification that appears on the phone.
This way of working is not more productive, on the contrary, the body and mind need to disconnect and Twist has put all the effort into that and we do not have to be pending all day to the group to not miss any message. With Thread they have rolled over in real time and the experience of all users who tried it have been incredible.

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