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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Twitter continues to work on mechanisms to silence abusive accounts

The social networking microblogging par excellence, Twitter, is taking the issue of abusive accounts very seriously. It is for this reason that it continues to update its security filters in its updates in order to eliminate the "trolls" that lurk by the blue network.

Twitter does not want to accommodate the trolls

If you are an active user of the Twitter social network, on more than one occasion you will have found an account with hardly any followers and maybe many people to follow. Spam abounds in your tweets and you may even mention it to other accounts. These are the so-called trolls, accounts created for the sole purpose of spreading spam. In the worst cases, some of these accounts are created in order to harass a person. Although that is already another story.
A new Twitter update on iOS and Android adds new features to be able to mute these accounts . These new options include options to mute the notifications pertaining to accounts that have just been registered. These accounts would be silenced to the point of not even seeing their retweets or their likes.
Twitter incorporates measures to fight abuse
Twitter is updated on iOS and Android to fight against abusive accounts
It must be said that the fight against these accounts is not new for Twitter , and that is that in March of this year tools have already been launched in order to silence them . In this novelty was allowed to silence users who had not confirmed their phone or email account. It was also allowed to silence those who did not have a profile picture. These are variants that would warn that such accounts could be fraudulent. And, of course, these characteristics do not disappear, but the new ones are added to them.

How to activate these filters?

To access from the web to one of these filters that the company has just launched you have to access the notifications tab, once there you have to select settings and then activate the boxes in which the filters are desired. 
In the mobile versions of iOS and Android would have to do an almost identical process, except the difference is that you have to press the gear button in notifications and then access to advanced filters.

On the other hand, Twitter has wanted to deny by tweet the report that was circulating on the network in which it was said that users were allowed to point to tweets that contain information misleading, false or harmful. From the company have wanted to report that this feature is in the testing phase and that, indeed, will be part of this strategy of the company to avoid abuse in its platform.

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