Sunday, July 16, 2017

Typorama, the fashion app to motivate

How often do you find social media images with motivational text ? Or, with some interesting reflection. If you always wanted to know how they make you say that probably is done with this application that we show you today, Typorama . Join us to discover it.
With Typorama you can create designs by adding photos and texts with very varied and peculiar typefaces. It's an application that practically gives you everything done. What I like about this tool is that it has a good database of images with very careful images, they can be seen of beaches, mountains, skies or urban landscapes among others. You can also add your own snapshots .
Then you can trim your design to adapt it to the social network you want, it is the same application that suggests it, with which you will see that the process is simple. And not only the clipping is for social networks , but you can make any size, including wallpaper for iPhone, or Apple Watch The next step is to add your text, which can be a quote you like or some of your own creation . If you are not very inspired you can ask Typorama to find you a random quote. This is where we find the only fault, the predefined quotations are in English. We hope to see you soon translated.
Once the text has been generated, of which there are many variations with many different types, just place it in the image, give it if you want shadow or opacity and apply any filter. You already have the image with text ready and can save it on the reel or share it. The whole process is very simple and the results are excellent. But not everything is going to be jauja, the application is free although to eliminate the watermark that generates ("Done with Typorama") you have to pay something more than 5 €. Paying a little more than 6 € unlock all the filters and fonts for the application , although it is true that the free offers are enough.
Typorama 2
Personally I think that if you are to use a lot of social networks and you like this kind of motivational designs, the application is worth it . The free option is very complete, to tell you the truth. So you know, do not wait to download it with the button below and test your options. It will not leave you indifferent.
Typorama - Text in Photo Editor & Typography

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