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Monday, July 10, 2017

Use HDR mode in your photos

Today we are going to explain a brief and simple photography tutorial, now that summer gives us the opportunity to take our most artistic side. We talk about the HDR mode, what it is and when we should use it . Prepared? Attack!
The acronym HDR is a Saxon acronym meaning High Dynamic Range . Digital cameras, as well as those of mobile devices, often incorporate this functionality.

When it's used?

In particular light conditions. Imagine, a backlight or cloudy days. There are parts of the photograph that have little light and others where there is too much, that is, the photograph is not completely balanced.
Aircraft carrier

How does it work?

When the HDR is active, the device will automatically take 2 pictures. One with underexposure, which will obviously be obscured, another with overexposure that would be "burned" or too clear.

And the result?

It is a snapshot that is the result of merging the underexposed and the overexposed, that is, an apparently balanced photograph of light. In it there are neither very dark areas nor very clear ones.

How to activate it?

It is very simple, since you only have to open the camera application, and activate the option HDR that appears at the top.
From now on and if you have it active, your device will save 2 copies of the photo, one with the HDR and another without it. Until relatively recently this possibility could not be changed, but now it does. Therefore, if you want to have HDR active only save the photo in this system, follow the path Settings> Photos and Camera> Keep normal photo and deactivate it. You will save space, there are users who walk just from it .

Can I always use it?

The newer devices get a much more natural HDR effect, but still some of the pictures made with this system may seem too artificial . It is not convenient to abuse it, it happens the same as with the photographic filters, which at the point just beautify and if we pass, the photo has lost its essence.
Remember that in order to make good photographs we must get the best light conditions , so it can often be better to move to find quality light, to go with the "comfort" HDR active. Details are what make the difference.
If you liked this article remember to recommend us and follow us. Now is a good time to comment on your opinions or how you do it to get quality photos in poor conditions . We will wait for you.

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