Monday, July 10, 2017

Waze finally allows you to record voices to customize navigation instructions and send them to friends

Waze for iOS finally allows you to record your own voices to customize the navigation instructions, and thus to make the trip more enjoyable. You can record voices of your friends or family and have fun saying fun things, or in another language, when given the instructions, for example to turn aside or leave a path where we are driving. The App has been updated today with this upgrade.
In addition to being able to record our own voices, we can also share them with other people through a link; We simply record the instructions we want, and when we are satisfied we can send that link so that the Waze of other friends has our voice too.
This functionality has proven to be really useful on Android Smartphones, whose version of the App has long allowed it to do something like that. For some strange reason, this functionality had not yet arrived in iOS but today is the happy day when we can start playing with the voices in this famous App of maps and navigation that allows to reach places taking into account the traffic jams thanks to the information That the other users, more than 85 million people, automatically send to their network, thanks to the notification of their position.
In addition to avoiding traffic jams, Waze can watch radars or find you a parking spot, a nearby gas station, or inform you of when your friends or family will arrive in a common place. All of this is fine, but Waze has the small disadvantage that even when you're not using the App, it asks you to always have access to the system's location information. In theory, Waze stops working in the background when you are not moving, but there is no doubt that having this App installed can affect the battery life considerably, although for many users that price to pay is acceptable in exchange for What it offers.
Waze location settings
With iOS 11 , all this will change because it will force these types of Apps to offer an option to use the GPS only when you are using the App, something that right now, as we see above, do not offer at all, in this case by choice . In any case, if you already have it installed you can download the latest version 4.26 that allows you to record voices by clicking here .
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