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Sunday, July 2, 2017

What apps do I use to edit photos on my iPhone

In these times, it is preferable to have a high-end Smartphone than with a compact camera and even sometimes with a DSLR, as these have large cameras capable of doing a magnificent job if we know how to squeeze them to the maximum. 
Today I bring you a series of apps that I use to edit the photos I take with my iPhone 7 Plus and I even link you to an Instagram account in which I upload content taken with said Smartphone, in case you want the Of tips and tell you the steps that I followed to edit the photos that I have published. 
The account in question is Charlitwophotography , or click here to go directly to it.

After light

Afterlight main screens
For me, one of the most complete of the App Store, although it is not the most used.
In this application you can edit photos at a very advanced level, since it allows you to configure multitude of parameters. I habitually make use of it for correction of shadows, as well as correction of lights and use of grain , as it does a magnificent job in this regard.
As for the rest of functions , we can add bullet effect, give detail, calibrate temperature and saturation, and even play with different shades of color of lights and shadows.
As for the filters, it is the one that has more variety with respect to the other two Apps that I bring to you, although they do not convince me much; If you want to make use of any of the filters I recommend that you do not put it to the maximum, since the photo will look too artificial (around 50-70% usually look quite good).
Download it here .


Snapseed Toolbar
Undoubtedly it is one of the free Apps in the field of photography that offers a more professional experience . 
It is based on gestures, so it has a small learning curve.
With it you can calibrate the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience, shadows, warmth and highlights. We can even calibrate the brightness, contrast, saturation and structure selectively, ie by specific areas, so we can edit our photos at a deeper level.
In the tool panel we can find many more functions, such as using a brush, remove blemishes, edit by curves and even correct white balance.
As for filters , I particularly recommend them, but making a moderate use of them, since if we spend the photos they might lose some quality. In particular, highlight the amount of filters you have as far as the use of black and white is concerned. If you make a good use of the filters you bring you can create true works of art.
Click here to watch a video where Carlos explains in more detail the use of Snapseed in the YouTube channel of Apple 5 × 1.
Download it here .


Store and VSCO Toolbox
Particularly it is the one that I use more . 
I use it both for editing photos and gallery, as interesting photo I do with the iPhone, photo that I export to VSCO, erasing it from the iPhone gallery.
As for filters , for me they are all perfect and the photos do not lose practically quality we put the filter that we put it; On the other hand, it is true that it is the least amount of filters you bring unless you want to pay for some extra packages offered in the App Store itself (sometimes they offer free filters, you have to be attentive and visit the Store occasionally).
Regarding the use of the application , it is intuitive and easy to use, so you will have no problems.
As for the rest of the functions , you can calibrate the exposure, the contrast, the grain, add clarity and outline the photo, add saturation and calibrate the temperature, calibrate shadows and lights (although the latter two are not their forte), the tone Skin, add a shade to the shadows and lights with a much wider variety than with Afterlight. 
A curious fact of this App is that you can copy the edition of a photo and paste it into several photos at once , so you only need to edit a photo. 
Another aspect to emphasize is that we can save it in different sizes, from small to real size.
Download it here .
As I said at the beginning of the post, I redirect you to an Instagram account where I upload photos edited with these Apps and made with an iPhone 7 Plus . 
If you want some advice, steps to follow or send you how I have edited a particular photograph, just have to comment on that photo or send me a direct message.

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