Sunday, July 16, 2017

What are the most popular new apps on the App Store right now?

There are more than one and a half million applications for iPhone and iPad and the number continues to grow. Every day the new and updated applications arrive at the App Store and it is impossible to keep up with all of them, but in NewCydiaTweaks we are aware of the novelties to be able to offer them . This week, we present a group video chat, a photo editing and a very useful application to hide confidential information when sharing photos.
Popsy is an application for group video chats. Up to four people can speak together at once . As you speak, you can send messages, join side conversations, and view other conversations. You can send _stickers_ to the others, drag your avatars around the screen. All crazy! Although it is only in English, its use is simple and intuitive, it is also free.
Popsy - Live Video with Friends
We are now with Redacted. We all like to share photos, but sometimes, you may not want to share all the parts of a photo, especially if you're sharing it on a social network like Facebook or Twitter . This is where Redacted comes into play. It allows you to pixelate parts of photos by simply tapping and dragging through a section of the image . You can choose from three styles of writing: pixelated, blurred and black. You can even use multiple styles in a single image. You can give Redacted access to your photo library or take a new photo to pixelate. Thanks to a recent update, Redacted also now has its own photo editing extension, which allows you to modify directly in the Photos application.
Redacted - easy way to redact part of an image
We finish with Enlight Photofox, which offers you a series of editing tools as well as support for RAW photo files . It is a second part of the famous Enlight that has so much success. You can also mix photos, add filters to your photos and download new packages for more tools. Photofox offers new fast selection brushes for easy masking, tone controls, color, grain, vignette and more. You can also choose to purchase each of the Photofox plugins separately for unique charges or access them all with a subscription.
Enlight Photofox by Lightricks (Enlight 2)
You know, if you want to keep up with the best of the App Store do not forget to follow us on social networks. We look forward to you in the next article .
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