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Saturday, July 29, 2017

What's New in the HomePod Firmware

We have all seen in some other film or series as the house where the protagonists lived or some of the homes of those feature films were intelligent and independent. Some of them could open the door, do a lot of tasks, turn off or turn on the light when you want and other things so particular and so futuristic. As we saw almost two months ago in WWDC 2017 , on June 5, Apple wants to take this beyond simple science fiction to make it a reality with a new product quite striking and extravagant: HomePod, our Smart home assistant.

The HomePod comes with new toys

Apple homepod
With the output in the light of the HomePod we could see many great brands like Amazon sweat before the big apple bite, although these said that Apple would not pose any problem for them and they would remain the leaders in this unique section of the electronics market , But when the firm of Cupertino goes to some side of these characteristics is usually to stay to the point of eliminating all competition, and this is whether or not the rest of vendors of these types of products a threat to themselves .
We already know that the iPhone company rarely likes to deal with third parties because the guarantee of their products runs their account and do not want to leave their wallet in the hands of other people and running unnecessary risks, so for now for the HomePod There is no support for applications from companies or brands outside of Apple, this may change eventually, but it is unlikely and more on something as expensive and particular as this product. What we can have in the HomePod is a support for VoiceOver which makes it much simpler and at the same time convenient to use.
The HomePod will be available from 2018 in Spain
The HomePod can become the beginning of a new era within the world of electronics and technology itself , to have all the things that we could only imagine or see in movies before is something magical, and this kind of sensations We can only feel a brand like Apple, which has always been there to demonstrate to the other brands that there is something to change or improve throughout its history .

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