Monday, July 3, 2017

Why do I have an iPhone?

I always say that since I bit the apple, I do not want to try anything else. If you're reading this is because you probably have an Apple phone or you want to have it . Well, let me tell you why I am faithful to this brand.
Man with cellphone
First, having an iPhone does not mean that you detest the rest of the brands, for nothing. I consider that they are doing very serious things and that Apple sometimes inspires others to continue developing their products. If you think you 're going to read something in which I'm going to attack Android, you're not right .
I have been lucky to try all the models that have come to market, although I have not had them all. I had the privilege of owning the original , which was just ten years old and I thought it was a marvel. By then, I realized that this was something different and that it was probably going to be the beginning of something between us .
Original iPhone
I like to use an iPhone simply because it makes things much easier for me. At work, I dedicate myself to teaching, we use their applications for both iPhone or iPad and the interactivity between both devices is sublime . If I talk about leisure, I carry music, a good camera, a GPS, a library and a web browser among many other things. Do you carry other brands too? Of course, and a very high level too.
Particularly, and it is a very personal opinion, the fact of having an operating system designed specifically for him makes him always be at maximum performance. I like how iOS works because each command is executed specifically for something that has been designed exclusively .
I like to use an iPhone because in times of trouble your technical service has responded to the highest level. I remember having problems with the screen of an iPhone 4S, picking it up a messenger on a Tuesday and having a new one back on Thursday, having gone the broken terminal to the Netherlands. Yes, the iPhone fails and crashes, but for now its warranty has gone on wheels .
AppleCare Screenshot
They usually fit my taste with designs, although here it is obvious that there may be disparity of criteria. Normally they are very desirable and if we go back to the exit of the iPhone 5S and its famous gold color , that was crazy .
For these things and some more that I left in the inkwell I like to use an iPhone. I do not know if you will agree with me and that is why I expect your comments on the reasons that push you to use one .
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