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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Will Samsung continue to be the king of OLED screens?

Over the past few years, Samsung has been the king of OLED screens , as it currently has most of the market for this technology. And it's no wonder, since OLED technology has played a crucial role in terminal screens, becoming one of the most important technologies, due to its high characteristics compared to the classic IPS.
This time, Apple has decided to take the big step to this new technology with the next iPhone 8 terminal . And even if it does with some delay regarding the competition, it has done as the company has us accustomed: big.

Apple and LG could become the leading manufacturers of OLED screens

And as we said yesterday, LG has decided to work together with the Cupertino to take the throne from the Korean company Samsung, with an investment close to three billion dollars . Let's emphasize that this production would take place from 2019 .
This fact opens a debate gap in the monopoly of OLED screens. For now, Samsung is the leading manufacturer and the one that supplies most to the market, although this could have an expiration date.
Without doubt, the agreement between LG and Apple will be crucial for the future of this technology. On the one hand, Samsung will not be able to benefit from the power with which it enjoys now. In addition, the joint collaboration between LG and those of Cupertino could lead to a new OLED model much more advanced.
It is very difficult to determine today, if the screens manufactured by LG and Apple will have the triumph expected , although it is noteworthy that LG has a flexible model that would be on the verge of commercialization. That is why the future of mobile devices could be in the hands of both companies.
Will LG and Apple get the position from Samsung?

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