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Monday, July 17, 2017

Winter has arrived in the West, discover how to see tonight Game of Thrones

The seven kingdoms tremble at the coming war. The great families (or rather, the ones that remain) are about to launch into the arms of the longed for iron throne. And HBO is about to get back to fans around the world , to crown itself another year as the queen of pay-TV. And not only the television, but also the streaming platforms that have been launching over the years.
Surely you are already counting the minutes to see the arrival of Daenerys to Rocadragon, where he will begin his invasion. Or maybe you want to know the future of Jon Snow, not only the familiar, which seems really interesting, but also his stay at the north front. Because it does not look like Sansa, who can not help being influenced by Pinkie, is going to stay to look at what is presumed to be the most important battle in its history . And all this, not counting the white walkers, the great threat that is looming.

HBO and Movistar are the only legal options in Spain

Daenerys Game of Thrones
Well, I'm sure you want to discover all this and more. But if you are reading this, it is because you are not yet ready to see it. Do not despair, because Poniente is closer than you think . And seeing it with the best quality, you can get cheaper than you think, especially if you reside in Spain or in territories where HBO has a streaming platform.
In our country, the only ones that have the rights to issue Game of Thrones are Movistar +, and HBO Spain . If you are a customer of Movistar +, and you have contracted the Series package, you can see at 3:00 am today through the app in Movistar Series Xtra the start of the season. On the other hand, if you do not have Telefonica's television service, you can watch the same time on HBO Spain the new chapter of each week with option to original version with subtitles.
In case you choose to see it through HBO Spain, both on the computer and in the application for iOS, you will have to pay the monthly fee of 7.99 euros after the free period of one month . But it is the best option to enjoy one of the best series that has given the television while it is released in the US. Anyway, choose the method that you choose, tell us after you have looked like the new episode, yes, no spoilers!

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