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Monday, July 17, 2017

World Emoji Day has arrived

The other day we talked about that the use that we are giving to the emoticons is falling , this is due to the arrival of a new format with which we can emulate better and give to understand what we think in a more profound way, the GIFs . These are basically moving images one after another and passing them at a specific speed is seen as a kind of animation.

We will always have emojis

For many fashions that arrive will always be there and we will give their corresponding use, whether in WhatsApp , Telegram or whatever platform. Today, the day of July 17, is the world day of emoji and Apple knows it . That's why the company Cupertino has released some of the emoticons that will arrive at iOS 11 in the fall of this year, but not only can we use them on our iPhone or iPad, but also any device that has macOS or WatchOS.
One of the most important dates in the American calendar is undoubtedly Halloween, which is why the new emoticons that will come in autumn will be more oriented to a theme of these dates , since there are zombies, dinosaurs and other things referred to this day. In addition, we will also see the appearance of fantastic beings, as may well be a mermaid or an elf, sincerely it seems that the company of Cupertino is quite put in these subjects.
For now we can only notice the change of these nice images in iTunes, because if you look good have highlighted a series of movies changing the title of these for "emoji . Also in the App Store is doing this same and fun process, but with applications. It seems that even the Apple Podcasts account on Twitter has decided to join the world day of emoticons.
New Unicode emoji 10
It was decided that it was July 17 because the iOS calendar shows that it is this day, but it also coincides with the date iCal first appeared in MacWorld 2002, the same day that the iCal icon appeared . After having told all this, you will be asking the same question and the answer is a resounding yes: Apple has invented the day of the emoticons.

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