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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

You can now use PayPal to pay with your Apple account in Mexico or Canada

We all know PayPal, an indispensable and very useful tool especially if you work from abroad. Thanks to this platform we can transfer money from any other part of the world to our country and automatically change the currency to the equivalence within ours , we can also transfer that money to our bank account to be able to make use of it even physically.

Welcome PayPal

People want their money safer than their selfies
You can now use PayPal as a payment method from your Apple account for purchases and what you need, although at the moment it is only available in Mexico and Canada . But we hope that this is only temporarily and soon we can all make use of this wonderful tool that makes our work much easier and also saves us many problems with the banks, since something that many people know is that the tax agency does not have access to our PayPal accounts.
As we have already said, PayPal is only available if you reside in one of the two countries mentioned above: Mexico and Canada. If you want to activate this convenient mode of payment, do the following: Go to settings, look for "Payment and send" and if you meet the requirements, you should leave the option to check PayPal as payment method for your Apple account.
How to send money from PayPal using Siri
It is very good news that Apple and PayPal finally agree on something and provide us with this convenient option, because as we told you something above, it is a tool that will save a lot of time, effort and above all money, since Makes the transaction from one part of the world to another instantaneously, although when transferring an amount of money to a bank account no matter how large or small it takes 2 working days.
We only hope that we will soon be able to make use of this also in Europe , since the advantages that this offers are incredible. In addition, now with the new Siri, which is the most popular virtual assistant in the world, although we are giving less use than ever, about 14 minutes a day, we can ask you to open PayPal or even send or request money to any account Of the world . Thanks Apple for putting us this simple and useful option at our disposal.

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