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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

You may still be able to retrieve some of your WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is for many of us the great center of communication of our lives. We have already left behind the voice calls and the SMS, now we bet everything to a single letter, the service of instant messaging of Facebook . This may have its advantages but of course it also has its disadvantages, and they are not precisely small. Especially as far as message management is concerned.
Although they are improving this aspect little by little, the management that makes WhatsApp of our chats leaves still much to be desired. It is not only that we can delete our messages after sending them, but also that we can recover them after deleting them if we have done so by accident . If your case is the latter, then this article is for you, because you may be able to retrieve your messages with a few simple steps.

Recover WhatsApp messages on iOS is possible, although it may not always work

Recover messages from WhatsApp
On Android, users have it easier because it is very easy to access the data of the application, as opposed to iPhone. In this case, the process is not more complicated, but is somewhat less effective . This is because we will have to resort to the iCloud backup , so we will first have to check if it is activated on our device from the chats settings.
If you had the option enabled, then you may be able to recover the deleted chat by simply reinstalling the application and recovering the backup on the first boot . This will only work if a backup has not been made right after the conversation has been deleted, because each time the copy is uploaded it overwrites the previous one, something really frustrating. Perhaps the solution would be to allow us to keep several copies at the same time, so that we can go back a longer period of time , although this is already something of WhatsApp.

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