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Thursday, July 6, 2017

You will no longer have to sell your soul to Santander to use Apple Pay

A few months ago, the contactless payment service Apple Pay arrived in Spain . It had been a couple of years since it was first announced, and we were waiting for it with impatience. For a moment, many believed that it would never come, but one day, the big announcement came. Apple Pay was already ready to be released. Then we went from looking forward to the service, to making it available with more banks, because the only one who had accepted the conditions of Apple was Banco Santander .
So, if we wanted to use the service, we were forced to have an account at Santander, or hire the products of the Carrefour financier, something that is not available to everyone. Things like they are, Banco Santander is now the largest bank in Spain, but it is not precisely the preferred option of the target audience of Apple Pay. Those who are willing to leave behind the traditional card usually prefer not to have to pay to do so, and therefore, something wrong the launch of Apple Pay .

Many more people can now use Apple Pay in Spain

Apple pay
However, banks have begun to realize the potential of Apple Pay, and new entities are already starting to climb into the car. Specifically, from now on, the Wirecard Boon prepaid card is fully compatible with the service. In addition, the German online bank Number26 will also allow the use of the payment system in the coming months. And if there is something good that both options share, it is that, unlike Banco Santander, it is not necessary to pay commissions to make use of its products, only in the case of Boon after the first 12 months.
In the case of Boon , it is only necessary to download the application from the App Store and create our virtual MasterCard , which will be compatible with Apple Pay from the moment of its validation and recharge. Number26 , on the other hand, offers the services of a traditional bank but with the convenience of having everything at your fingertips . With a video call you can open a bank account without commissions in the service and get your card prepared for Apple Pay.
And you, have you used Apple Pay? If you have not done it, would you plunge it now?

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