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Saturday, July 29, 2017

You'll love these apps for editing photos

The development of the cameras of the iPhone or iPad makes it possible for us to make great photographs. The camera, if in its beginnings was not the leading, we can say that it is now at a high level. Especially in the 7 series has noticed a push as to the quality that these cameras can offer us .
But it's not just about taking pictures, but about making adjustments to get a photograph that can express everything we have in mind. For that we have the applications of photo editing. In the App Store maybe there are as many programs to do, but for this we will make a selection of which are the best work.


With it you can do practically everything, the amount of filters and parameters it controls is incredible. It also works in RAW format. Everything you want to do with your snapshots you can do with the application . Available also in Spanish and with 5 stars rating, something not common.


It includes all the usual tools we need to edit our images: exposure, contrast, rotation, cropping, clarity, focus, saturation, lighting or vignetting among many others. We also allow you to share the image directly on social networks. It stands out for the amount of filters that it offers. Free with additional purchases .

A Color Story

With over 100 very different filters to choose from and buy (like VSCO, it's free, but extra creativity comes at a price), 40 photographic effects like flare, fog, color, light leaks and more. 20 free editing tools to adjust contrast and curves. Color Story offers a very good palette of effects when it comes to editing your photos on your iPhone .
25 best photos taken with the iPhone 7.
We repeat that you can find as many as you want, but these 3 you can try them if you do not use them yet. Remember that creativity and limits are your thing and that with these applications you can fly very high. Follow us so you do not miss any of our stories and comment below how you edit your photographs. We will wait for you.

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