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Monday, July 3, 2017

Your photos and clearest selfies with LuMee

I have had the opportunity to try a product that in principle catches the eye. It is a case for the iPhone that has the feature of wearing LED strips and therefore provide extra lighting in your snapshots . We can say that it is a 2 in 1, although I would call it a 3 in 1. Let's prepare that come curves.

Why 3 in 1?

Because it is an accessory that is a sheath, and therefore protects as such. It has LED strips on its back, which would make the flash reinforcement function, and others on the edges next to the screen, which would give reinforcement to your selfies .

How does it work?

It is placed like any normal cover, and once made simply by pressing a button you have active LEDs that will fill your photographs with light. It must be said that the light is clear, white and powerful. Yes you notice its activation as you can see in the video .

What phones are there for?

For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, plus versions Plus, and iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. It seems that they have not taken it for the iPhone SE.

What did you like?

The power it has, as it effectively fulfills its mission perfectly . Lighting and lots. This is possible with a thin battery that is inside the case. It is powered with a charging cable that is also included.

What did not you like?

Mainly the feel of the case. It is very "gummy", although it provides good grip. It also fattens the terminal a lot and is what has thrown me back. Besides, I do not think it's an accessory that we should always carry on, and I mean that extra lighting. Better to operate in good light conditions or to seek an extra luminosity than to always carry with it. And the price I see something high.


That I do not finish convincing myself, by the comment of the thickness and tact, does not mean that it is not useful. It complies perfectly, which is what it is about . Surely have your audience, that if you are reading this maybe you can tell us your experiences . How is your day to day with this case?
LuMee Duo€ 79.99TO BUY
PVP 79,99 €

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