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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

10 iOS 10 tricks that will help you get the most out of your iPhone

We've been using iOS 10 for so long on the iPhone and / or iPad that it's rare that we are surprised by one of the functions of Apple's mobile operating system.
In this article we will recommend the use of a series of tricks, tips and tips so that you can take full advantage of all the features of your iPhone .
IPhone 6s
From little tricks with the keyboard to some tips to improve the battery charge of your terminal. There is everything!

10 Essential Tricks of iOS 10

1. Flash

You can have your iPhone's LED flash light on every time a notification or call arrives. Really useful if you are silent. To enable this option, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and enable "LED flashing".

2. Airplane Mode

Control center
The Airplane Mode may find more useful than you think. If activated, your iPhone will charge your battery much faster .

3. Browsing tabs in Safari

If you place your iPhone in a horizontal position (landscape) you will see how the Safari tabs are organized in a much more efficient way. Also, in the upper left corner you will find a search field to find a particular web page .

4. Web addresses

To copy a web address simply keep your finger pressed on the address bar of Safari. Additionally, if you have previously copied a link, you can keep your finger pressed in the address bar for "Paste and Go" automatically.

5. Draw and write in photographs

Photo Editor iPhone SE
Open the Photos application, choose a photo that you want to edit (signals, marks, arrows, text, drawings ...), press the edit button in the form of three parallel lines. Then tap the circular button with three dots in the upper left corner and ... Enjoy a new set of tools!

6. Intensity of flash LED

S_Flashlight-Web @ 2x ~ iphone
Do you have 3D Touch on your iPhone? Hallucinate by changing the intensity of the flash LED by holding your finger on the flashlight icon in the iOS 10 Control Center.

7. Open the Camera app quickly

IPhone 8 Camera
These are two simple steps. Use the Raise to Wake function by raising the handset to turn the display on, slide your finger to the left to open the Camera . Super fast, great for photographers and instagramers!

8. Assign Ring Tones

IOS 10 allows you to assign different ringtones to each of your contacts . Open your information in the Contacts application, tap Edit, and find the ringtones option. You can even add the songs you have downloaded!

9. Relationships in Siri

You can teach Siri to learn all your relationships (family, friends, partner ...). All you have to do, for example, is ask "Remember that Sara Lopez is my partner" or "Remember that Andrés Rodríguez is my boss".

10. Siri Voice Dictation

Siri on iOS 10
You can have Siri read any text from your iPhone screen in Settings> General> Accessibility> Read> Read screen .

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