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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

4 free apps to feel safe in case of need

The news of strange disappearances, aggressions and so on are on the agenda. They happen at any moment, when you leave marching, you are going to run or walk the dog. Unfortunately all precautions are few when it comes to feeling protected and secure, and that is why we have made a collection of applications that can lend a hand if necessary .


Companion is a security application that works with your phone number to easily notify your contacts in case something happens to you, from a map you share with them. This application gives you options to notify your colleagues , they do not even need to download the application to receive your notifications, if you feel nervous or you can use the application to call the police directly.
If you have a problem, Companion will send a link to a GPS-enabled map that will allow the recipient to see where you are. You can even set up notifications if you are traveling or at home or on a tour.

Circle of 6

This app lets you choose up to 6 trusted friends to add to your circle. If you are in an uncomfortable or risky situation, use it to automatically send your circle of a pre-programmed alert message to your exact location. It is fast and discreet. It also connects 24 hours to hotlines. You have therefore a new way of connecting with your most trusted friends to stay close, maintain security and prevent violence before it happens.


To use this application you need to pre-set your alert message and the different types of alerts you want to send, whether SMS, Facebook, Twitter or email. Then, when you need help, hit the red button and that message and your location will be sent to let people know that you are in immediate danger.


BSafe is a personal security application designed to help you and your friends stay more secure on a permanent basis. BSafe has many applications for everyday life, both for everyday safety and for real emergencies , making it the perfect tool for maximum security for you.

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