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Monday, August 28, 2017

4 games for your iPhone that will help you overcome the post-national depression

The last days of the summer and of our vacations are near and with this the routine return to the work and the colleges and universities of the children, reason why today in Applesencia we show you the compilation of games that will make you forget the so close step of the return to the routine .

Car Driving School Simulator

Many of us took advantage of our summer to take our driving license when we were playing, but if you are one of those who leave it for the last day this game will help you have a first contact with driving through different cities, traffic signals or speed limits .
That if you do not expect the typical racing game because this is done for all those we love and enjoy driving without having to be the fastest on the grid .

Last Day On Earth: Zombie Survival

game Last Day On Earth: Zombie Survival
This game is for all those lovers of zombies and survival where the objective is to get to survive with our character and go get materials to build machinery, different buildings and of course weapons to kill every zombie that crosses our path.

King Of Dirt BMX

Extreme sports are a fashion among the youngest, so games like this where we can do all kinds of tricks with our bike are very addictive. The appeal of this game is that we can customize our character to the maximum with all kinds of protections for the different tracks that we must overcome .


I play two dots
We all have that moment where all we want is to be calm and take a quick game in our iPhone so this game with infinite levels and based on getting the points of the same color to eliminate them and achieve the objective of each level will serve you to this and much more.

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