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Thursday, August 24, 2017

5 New Cydia Tweaks


Compatible with iOS 8,9,10
Tweak for Snapchat


increase or multiply
1-Views, Screenshots (friends or Others)
2-points (Score)
3-Added me
4-filters (speed ,Temperature ...)
…and more -_-

-(Additional options)
1-Hide ScreenShots
2-Hide status bar
3-Hide typing to the other
4-Hide messages in chat
5-Hide Name when viewing snap
6-Show Story Timer
7-disable No limit and loop snaps
8-Change Keyboard Color
…and more -_-

-work with
1-SCOthman for snapchat
2-Phantom (Lite) for snapchat > Enable 3rd party tweaks > "Enable> (spoofsnap.dylib) and (spoofsnap2X.dylib)
(you should buy remove Ads Licenses from phantom)
3-Works without any tweaks
4- snap+
-works with snapchat v10.5.0 above
-works with all duplicate snapchat
-support English & Arabic



Compatible with iOS 9 and 10
Enables whatsapp stock quickreply and onetap audio recording.
Configure options from Settings.

Vespera (iOS 10)

Compatible with iOS 10, iPhone & iPad

Vespera will replace iOS default lock animation with custom ones and also change the lock animation duration.

It offers the following animations:
TV (Inverted)
Fade Out
Slide Up
Zoom Out
Zoom Out (Inverted)
Suck Down

More animations will be added.

Thanks for supporting me!

Configure options from Settings.
$ 0.99


Tired of waiting for your friends to come online on WhatsApp?
Well, here's a tweak to track your selected WhatsApp friends, it keeps you notifying about their online/offline status from outside and inside WhatsApp. It will also notify you when any of your contacts start typing in your chat.

• Get notifications inside and outside WhatsApp when chosen contacts become online/offline. (Works only for contacts you chose inside OnlineNotify registered users table)
• Get notifications when any of your contacts start typing a message. (It works on all of your contacts unless you enable 'Typing for selected' option)
• Get notifications when a contact has read the messages you sent him.
• Favorites List & Goup Info Page: Replace contacts status with their lastseen and add an online indicator next to online contacts.
• Add an online indicator next to online users in chats list.

There are few things you should know before purchasing

• In order for the Outside Notifications to work, WhatsApp has to be connected to the internet and running in background, in other words when you enable outside notifications you will be shown as 'Online' in WhatsApp even if the app is in background.
• As you already know, when the iPhone is locked wifi will be turned off, which will disconnect WhatsApp and stop outside notifications. To avoid this, if you have Outside Notifications enabled, OnlineNotify will prevent your device from turning off WiFi when its locked.
• Outside notifications will slightly increase your battery consumption.
• OnlineNotify will NOT work if you are hiding your lastseen using Watusi or any other tweak.

• OnlineNotify settings are inside WhatsApp settings page
• You can run OnlineNotify on other WhatsApp versions by going to your device Settings App in OnlineNotify seciton.

• The tweak will give you a notice every 10 minutes if outside notifications are enabled and WhatsApp is not connected.
$ 1.99


Compatible with iOS 9 and 10

Bring iOS 11 style screenshotting to iOS 9 and 10.

You can easily share the screenshot by long pressing on the mini image, or start marking on it through the editor by tapping the mini image. If you just want to save the screenshot, you can just ignore the mini image and it'll be automatically dismissed after x seconds, or you can swipe it away.

Disclaimer: ScreenshotXI does not have image stacking or cropping (in editor).

Configure options from Settings

$ 1.00

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