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Saturday, August 5, 2017

67 new Emojis proposed to include in the release of Unicode 11 in 2018

While new Unicode 10 emoji have not yet been released, Unicode President Mark Davis revealed that a collection of new emojis have been added as "preliminary candidates" for their possible Unicode 11 release in 2018 (via Emojipedia ). The news came out of the quarterly meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee and later, the Unicode Consortium will decide on the list of final candidates at its meeting for the fourth quarter of 2017 in October; Then they will name the new characters in a meeting corresponding to the first quarter of 2018.

New Unicode 10 emojis will be presumably included with the arrival of iOS 11

New Emojis proposed for Unicode 11. Source: Emojipedia and unicode.org

Of the 67 new characters proposed for inclusion in Unicode 11, we can highlight the smiling face surrounded by three hearts, the smiling face with a party hat and surrounded by confetti, a blue face that presents an expression of astonishment , the Smiling face with an OK instead of the eyes and an investment of the emoji of smiling poo , presenting in this case an expression of indifference.
There is also kangaroo , a cupcake , a flame , one corresponding to the famous traditional flour and wheat breads called Bagel , a broom , a skateboard , one that refers to the sport Softball and smiling faces and serious with masks of eyes, better known As antifaces and layer. Since Unicode 11 is still so far away from its presentation and release, the list of its included characters and their designs may be subject to change.
Unicode 11

Emotions propitious for Unicode 11
What we can say is that the release of Unicode 10 , which Apple highlighted last month during World Emoji Day , looking at some of the emojis coming to iOS, macOS, and watchOS later in 2017 includes emojis as one Woman with handkerchief, a bearded person, a coconut , a T-Rex , a zebra , a Zombie , an Elf and many more.
Apple did not specify a date for the release of the 10 characters of Unicode, but should appear in the public debut of iOS 11 or soon thereafter. Traditionally, Apple takes a few months to include support for new emoji although it is true that iOS users can enjoy these emojis much earlier than Android users. Last year, the Unicode Consortium launched Unicode 9 in June 2016 , and then Apple introduced those characters in iOS 10.2 in October 2016.
To see a complete list of the 67 new emoji candidates in Unicode 11 , visit Emojipedia.
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