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Thursday, August 17, 2017

7 iPhone accessories that will make your life much more comfortable

We share an excellent selection of iPhone accessories that will give you the possibility to lead a much more peaceful, pleasant and comfortable life.
Some of these accessories can be used directly on your iPhone (covers, keyboards ...) and others can be controlled via HomeKit (switches, light bulbs, scales ...).
These wonderful accessories will allow you to turn on the light of your living room from the iPhone, to write remotely in your device, to keep track of your health and much more. Do not miss them!

Night Blue Color Case

This case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s night color is ultra-thin, very light, anti-scratchn and with a charming blue night. In addition, it is available for a very affordable price ... A bargain!
Price: € 3.78
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Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone and iPad

We also recommend this fantastic keyboard type QWERTY compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad Mini. It is very cheap, compact and with very comfortable keys to the touch.
Price: € 12.98
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Bluetooth Scale with LED Display

A scale with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to carry out an exhaustive monitoring of your weight and your health introducing data like your age, your height, etc. With its official application you can activate the pedometer of your iPhone to be completing daily challenges. In addition, it has automatic recognition of up to 16 different users .
Price: € 33.99
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Surveillance camera with remote control

A surveillance camera with video recording at 720p in HD with audio input and output . It also sends notifications using motion detection. This HomeKit compatible accessory can be controlled from your iPhone, so it provides an ideal way to control the welfare of your pets and / or your baby.
Price: € 32.50
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Color LED Bulb

This bulb allows users to change their colors (up to 16 million different colors) from the iPhone and / or the iPad. It offers options for scheduling timers and timers for lighting the bulb and is 100% compatible with HomeKit. An ideal accessory to say that ... "Hey Siri, change the light to the blue color!".
Price: € 34.99
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Blood Pressure Bracelet

This accessory will allow you to measure your blood pressure and your tension in a much more comfortable way. It has a battery of 400 mAh, management of data stored in the cloud and a design adaptable and adjustable to any user.
Price: € 69.99
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Wireless switch

A very useful wireless switch with dimmer for the lights of your home that has a sticker to place it where you want. It can connect up to 50 bulbs and 10 different accessories and has a range of 12 meters .
Price: € 24.90
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We hope you like these accessories, we are sure that many of them will serve you to lead a life much more comfortable. You can control them directly from your iPhone , so they will save you time and ... many inconveniences. Which of these accessories is your favorite? Which one will you buy?

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