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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A developer demonstrates the usefulness of ARKit in the world of cinema

Since its introduction at the World Conference on Developers in 2017, much has been seen about applications on Apple's ARKit platform, in different areas such as decoration, entertainment and more recently, the world of cinema. Exactly and as it has been reported 9to5mac , its application would also be useful to make the film creators mix real-world characters with those designed through this technology.
This demonstration has come from indie game developer Duncan Walker, who thanks to ARKit has put robots to walk and terrorize the streets of London.

The future of ARKit in the cinema

To make this test, realistically, Walker created the robots with Unity3D, rolled the street images on his iPhone 7 and then used ARKit to mix the two. Although the video shared in the Twitter account of the creator is in low resolution, it is possible to appreciate the effect.
The final result is so well finished that for an inexperienced eye it would be almost imperceptible to note that it is an object created, at least in the first instance. Other details such as light and the way in which they recorded the actual scenes, also contribute to enhance the result.
In benefit of the creators, this type of applications of the ARKit could contribute to the budget filmmakers the type of effects that until now have been within reach of the great studies.

Much of what we will see in the future will undoubtedly be determined by applications based on Augmented Reality and Apple has developed the ARKit platform to support this type of applications from iOS 11. And although it already seemed sufficient for this year , Are still expected to further developments in the presentation of the next iPhone.

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