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Sunday, August 20, 2017

A new version of The Sims comes to the App Store

As we told you a few months ago , EA Games was planning to launch a mobile version of The Sims renewed and so it has been. Those who, like me, are fans of The Sims are in luck because they have already  released a renewed version of the game developed by Maxis and you can download it in the App Store.

The Sims mobile version, much more like the computer version

Who else and who least knows or even ever played with one of the particular characters that appear in The Sims with a green diamond over his head. The game developed by Maxis launched its first version for computer in the year 2000 and, since then, it has not stopped growing.
Currently, in the computer version, there is little left of that first game released 17 years ago. Although the essence is the same it is true that the game has been evolving until reaching a very appreciable maturity in its latest version, The Sims 4. However, the mobile versions (for smartphone and tablet) were always somewhat behind the PC and MAC versions.
Well, Electronics Arts (EA) has not wanted to leave aside fans who want to use the mobile versions and has released a completely revamped version that has graphics and gameplay very similar to those of the computer versions.
Another new feature of this new version is that you can use a new online multiplayer mode in which our Sims can interact with others in real time. This was one of the functions most requested by followers for the mobile version and it seems that the developers have not only heard them but have fulfilled their desires.
For the rest, and as always, players will be able to continue guiding their characters through their life as well as finding the way of construction and shopping to create their homes.
If you have an iPhone or an iPad you can download the game from the App Store or clicking here . Also if you are from Android you can download it on Google Play.

A mythical saga and still with a lot of future

Putting a Sim in a pool and erasing the ladder is just one of the many pranks we've been able to do with our characters since their early versions. Working, falling in love, creating a family, building the house of our dreams and even die are other possibilities of a game that increasingly resembles its universe to the real life.
These and many other functions are what they have done over the years that The Sims have become a mythical video game . With its characteristic essence, the game has managed to engage millions of people to live with their characters. Small and old still enjoy every year of the multiplatform game - remember that the game is not only available on PC, MAC, Android and iOS, but also has versions for Xbox and Play Station. So much is the consecration of The Sims that, according to EA, the number of active users increased by 33% over last year.
The Sims
This is how the Sims look in their revamped mobile version
It is also true that the latest versions concerning the saga of The Sims 4 have brought some disgust on the part of the fans to have lost some functions with respect to the previous versions. However, there is a true game community that guarantees a good future for The Sims . In fact there are already rumors about the release of The Sims 5 , but following the sources and the development they carry with the game could not see the light until 2019.
And you, are you a fan of The Sims? We encourage you to leave us your impressions about this news in the comments and also to tell us some funny stories that have happened to you.

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