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Friday, August 11, 2017

A new video of a model of the iPhone 8 appears

With the introduction date of the future iPhone just around the corner, the mockups around the iPhone tenth edition continue to appear on the networks. realistic models that give us a fairly clear idea of how could be the future iPhone with OLED screen that Apple unveiled in just a few weeks.
Today, we bring you a new model that have made the people of MobileFun and Olixar for some American media of the iPhone tenth edition. This is a model that is shown in a new video for all American readers but we have also wanted to show you. The video shows us the design of the device and how it would fit this design in our hands .

This is the iPhone tenth edition according to leaks

The mannequin that can be seen in this article has a silver color and has a glass back, a really nice design as it has been rumored in recent weeks. The front of the device has a panel from one edge to the other, and both the front and the back are covered by a stainless steel frame that matches the silver tone of the body.

The silver bezels are left on the front of the device, and there is also a "notch" or peninsula that houses the speaker, front camera and various rumored sensorsthat could include a new facial recognition model to unlock our future IPhone tenth edition.
On one of the sides there is a power button, while on the other side, we can check how the two buttons to adjust the volume and the already famous mute switch are located. At the bottom, there is a lightning port and the speaker holes , Apple would again leave out this device the 3.5mm jack. Just like it already did on the iPhone 7.

Mannequins around the Apple phone are fashionable on the web and social networks

If we talk about the dimensions of the next iPhone tenth edition, this device would have a size similar to the current 4.7-inch phone .
This means that the iPhone tenth edition would be smaller than the current iPhone Plus but its screen size would be even higher than these devices. This is a fictitious model so it is not a functional unit, but it is believed that the back side will have a lightweight smooth glass, which will allow this device to accept the wireless load .
Possible iPhone 8 Colors
Possible colors of the iPhone 8 (or iPhone tenth edition)
Although the model of this article that has been published in different American media is silver, there are also different models available in black and in a copper color . This could be related to rumors that Apple would present the iPhone tenth edition in three colors nothing more (silver, gold and black).
It is true that the images and videos in this article only refer to mannequins that are made thanks to the rumors and leaks we have known in recent months. Some leaks where the HomePod has had a great relevance when it leaked the characteristics of its firmware.

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