Monday, August 14, 2017

A "song" with 10 minutes of silence becomes a success in iTunes

In some car brands, when we plug an iPhone into the USB port, music starts playing automatically. The bad thing about this system is that, invariably, it always sounds the same song first, because the iPhone always plays by default the first alphabetical item we have in our iTunes library ... usually a song that starts with "TO".
Well, a very skilful and very user friendly, named Samir Mezrahi , has given a solution to this problem, and although he was probably just trying to make a joke, it seems that his idea has succeeded: Mezrahi a Created a "song" that is titled "A aaaa Very Good Song" and consisting of almost 10 minutes of absolute silence . It may sound silly, but the point is that the song is a hit on iTunes, and it hit the Top 50 (at the time of writing, it has already gone down to number 79 on the list).
The creation of Mezrahi can be purchased on iTunes for the small price of € 0.99 and has an exact duration of 9 minutes and 58 seconds (from 10 minutes songs can only be sold as part of an album, priced at 9, 99 €), more than enough time for users to search for the song they want to hear or, if they have their iPhone in random mode, to listen to a song at random once the silent song has been played.
Of course, Apple Music subscribers do not even need to pay € 0.99, and they just have to add "A aaaa Very Good Song" to their library and enjoy their ten minutes of total silence ...

Surely when Samir Mezrahi came up with his brilliant idea he did not think he would be so successful, but the truth is that the twit he wrote to announce his "song" already has 15,771 "like", and has been retuited 5,172 times, Besides being reporting a little money.
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