Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A supplier of laser emitters receives a huge order from Apple

Lumentum , one of the alleged suppliers of components for future models of Apple iPhone, has received an order for 200 million dollars for an undetermined amount but very high laser emitters of the VCSEL . It is assumed that most, if not all of that money, comes from the Apple coffers, such as reservation or prepayment.
This type of sensors allows to identify surfaces located at a distance of several meters with respect to a camera. Although by their name may sound like something spectacular and modern, these types of emitters or vertical laser diodes appeared in Japan in 1979, although the first prototype was invented by Americans from AT & T Bell Labs . Like the transistor and many other things in those years, the Americans invented it and the Japanese perfected it, made it smaller, and gave it a good use in several devices. Nowadays they are used, for example, for the light of fiber optic cables. In this case, it seems that at least one of them could be installed on the iPhone 8, or iPhone Pro that Apple could introduce next month.
200 million dollars gives to many millions of this component, something logical to expect considering that Apple can easily manufacture more than 200 million iPhones in a year. For that reason, Lumentum is not the only supplier of this piece; Another company called Finisar could also be another supplier of VCSELs for Apple. Apple always diversifies the same components among several vendors to ensure that the production of the iPhone is not going to be interrupted, since they usually produce the iPhone at a rate of more than half a million units a day .
A VCSEL on an iPhone could be used for many things; Facial recognition, finding the right focus in a dimly lit scene, or also to find out what shape an object is located nearby.
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