Friday, August 11, 2017

A virtual home button is the Apple solution for your iPhone 8 without Touch ID

It seems quite normal to have found in the firmware of the HomePod the confirmation of some of the most rumored iPhone 8 rumble, but today again we have known another important information about the software of the future terminal, which would help to understand how it is Will work with the next iPhone of the Cupertino people .
According to this new information although Apple will not include a physical button or a Touch ID on their next terminal, they are working and have already prepared a software solution so that the user can have a start button .
IPhone 8 Home Button Operation
In this case and as seen in HomePod code, Apple has created a bar in which we can find this virtual home button. In addition depending on the use that is given or even depending on the situation, this virtual bar will grow or decrease even disappearing in the event that we play a video .
Undoubtedly this new taskbar that will include that home button will serve the user to replace the current physical home buttons, which the iPhone terminals have had since the original iPhone.
This new information coincides with a leak made a few months ago, which ensured that Apple would assign a portion of the screen of your terminal to a taskbar that would make the actual screen of the terminal was around 5, 15 inches.
What is clear is that Apple is already working on polishing software that will be based on a terminal that will see its Touch ID disappear to make way for facial recognition. We will have to see how the experience with this new taskbar will include this virtual start button , but knowing Apple many brands will launch to imitate this new idea of ​​Californians for its great utility.
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