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Saturday, August 5, 2017

According to sources, Apple was already developing its Augmented Reality Goggles

The race for Augmented Reality still does not stop, moreover, it seems to be more active every day. Already the various major mobile device companies like Samsung or HTC have worked on their own RA devices, however, Apple seems to have stayed a bit behind .
Or so we thought. It seems that the people of Cupertino are putting a lot of effort into realizing their Augmented Reality project , or at least this is confirmed by these sources. Read on to find out more.

Race is just beginning

The company still has not decided, but has been testing with multiple prototypes during this time . Among them we can find: a design with screen and integrated camera, which would serve to superimpose elements in the real terrain using RA and RV. The other, would simply have a camera, but without any screen, giving us the ability to use the iPhone. All this information has been quoted by The Financial Times this Friday .
This is not the first time Apple has been embroiled in rumors about Augmented Reality. l last year there was talk that the Cupertino might have reached an agreement with the German company Carl Zeiss optics , so we either take too much by surprise.

The best of both worlds

To give more truth to these rumors, we must not forget that Apple has been working hard on their ARKit project , which aims to take Virtual Reality to another level on mobile devices. In addition, the company has acquired a large number of companies that are related to this area.
This device would combine the best of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality , and we can not wait until we see it physically.
Apple is struggling to win the Augmented Reality race, and according to rumors, the iPhone 8 would be prepared for it .

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