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Thursday, August 24, 2017

An Apple Pencil model may also be available for the iPhone

If you've ever wanted the Apple Pencil to work on the iPhone too, maybe Apple has heard you. According to a publication made in 9t05mac , those of Cupertino have made patent applications for a similar accessory.
Of course, those who have manipulated an Apple Pencil on the iPad recognize that its utility is absolute in activities related to design and art, such as drawing, modeling or painting. However, there are those who get much more out of it and use it as the perfect ally for note takings, postmarks, screenshots and several other activities.

An Apple Pencil for the iPhone

Specifically, the site Patently Apple has noted that Apple's application was made for two "touch stylus" accessories and shows in attached images a figure with an iPhone touch screen and an iPad.
Since its launch in 2015, the Apple Pencil has been consistently successful in sales - with even accessories for the Apple Pencil - and the question about a similar model for the iPhone is not new. In September, during an interview given NDTV, Tim Cook suggested that he had used an Apple Pencil on an iPhone. Although it did not deepen, nobody was indifferent to the comment and created the expectation.
Knowing the way technology companies operate, patent applications do not imply that the products finally materialize, but when it is an option desired by users and clearly viable, we should not rule out seeing a smaller Apple model compatible with An iPhone soon.

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