Thursday, August 24, 2017

Analysts say only 18% of users will pay $ 1,000 for an iPhone

Yesterday was presented the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, which is arguably the closest rival to Apple's largest phones such as the iPhone 7 Plus or the future iPhone 8. Precisely for this and because the price of this terminal already exceeds 1000 Dollars, many analysts have ventured to give their opinion on whether users will pay or not this amount of money for a terminal .
It has been well-known analyst Mark Moskowitz who, after leaving the most powerful terminal of the people of Samsung to date, has raised this issue of whether users are willing to spend more than 1000 dollars for a device .
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
No doubt this issue is up to us and Apple users a lot that year by year we see as the prices of the devices are going up , and even already it is rumored that the next version of the iPhone 8 will overcome the barrier of the 1000 euros in case of acquiring it .
This analyst says that in his opinion only 18 percent of users will be willing to pay so much money for a new device that although it brings some news, is not a revolution in the market.
Worth the iPhone 7
Perhaps this within the Android landscape is something that can be seen more, but Apple users have always worked differently. We must not forget that Apple has been raising the price of their devices as they were being renewed , coming to be worth the last iPhone 7 about 900 euros the version with greater internal capacity.
Anyway, until the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are released for sale, which can only be pre-purchased right now, we will not know if the users are truly willing to overcome the $ 1000 barrier for a Terminal .
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