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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Analysts to summarize the features that will be available on the iPhone 8 is what's new and who has done before

The iPhone 8 will be revealed soon to be seen soon, and expect to have many new features by analysts. The features that will be available on the iPhone 8 that someone has done before  to see them.

Features that will be available on the iPhone 8 and who did before?

Mark Gurman, an analyst from Bloomberg, has released an analysis of information about the iPhone 8 to be Apple's flagship iPhone in 2017, with a focus on the features expected in the iPhone 8.
Iphone8 New Feature Who First 1 2
Analysts have identified which technology is Apple's new technology and what technology has come up before.
  • A new front-facing camera supporting AR -based Apple apps .
  • Intelligent camera Real time object capture - Apple's new technology
  • 3D sensor for face scanning  - Apple's new technology
  • Infrared sensor Detect faces in the dark - Apple's new technology
  • Chip A11 - Apple's new technology
  • Full screen, full border - Galaxy S8 has come already.
  • Metal body frame - iPhone 4 / 4S has come before
  • IPhone 4 / 4S front and rear glass cover
  • Tap to wake up - Many Andriod smartphones have already come.
  • Slim Screen Edge - Multiple Galaxy Models, Essential Phone, Mi Max 2 and LG G6
  • OLED screen - Galaxy S8, Motorola Z2 Force, OnePlus 5 and Smartphones.
  • Wireless Charger - Apple Watch, Smartphone Andriod system flagship models have many brands already.
  • Virtual Home button - Galaxy S8, Essential Phon, Google Pixel and Smartphone. Andriod version flagship system has many brands already.

Apple's "best, not first" (Christian Zibreg)

Most likely, many of these technologies have come to the fore before by Christian Zibreg, author of the site. Idownloadblog Commented on the importance of that.
"Apple is always launching or bringing in technology, even if it's not the first. The technology is new and Apple is always better than other brands. "
Iphone 8 Dummny Three Color Cover Cover
In addition, analysts commented on the iPhone 7s / 7s Plus to be a high-performance version as well. In addition to the faster processor chip. It also comes with a back camera that supports Apple's new AR technology.
For the iPhone 8, analysts believe that new features like 3D sensors will add features to the iPhone 8 OLED screen to be a smartphone this year and next year.
Iphone8 3d Sensor
Apple may launch the new iPhone version 2017 to 3 versions: iPhone 7s / 7s Plus and iPhone 8 (iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro), expected to launch on regular schedule in September to this, so left. Another month to find a new iPhone version of Apple to follow.

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