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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Apple and Google eliminate more than 300 apps after swindling thousands of people

We all know that the elimination of applications within the App Store is very common since in countries like China there are incredible amounts of cheap copies of well-known apps taking advantage of the work of other developers for their own benefit and since The company of Cupertino has been doing this type of routine cleanings for a long time, although recently they eliminated a very high number of these , most of the Asian region as mentioned above.

Google and Apple against scams

Apple removes problematic apps from the App Store
A large part of applications that are large copies known as PayPal are usually a software intended for a single purpose: to cheat people who do not have as much knowledge inside the computer or electronics as we can have us, these are mostly people Older or young children who mistakenly touch an application or something they should not on their parents' mobile or tablet and end up unprecedented. What we are about to tell you today is something very similar to this, but it has happened and is still happening, although the companies in charge of this are now looking for a solution to the problem in question.
In this case we have two of the largest companies within the electronics working together because there have been errors in their application filters, ie an app before being in the market of Google Play or App Store has to have a number of requirements Quite demanding to be available to us. Today it has come to light that the big G and the bite apple are united to eliminate more than 300 applications after having received the complaints of thousands of people after having been cheated by one or several tools that facilitated a bank transfer as well it can be PayPal .

A big weakness

Photo selfie
The service offered by these applications was the same as any bank can offer , but this time in an instant, which can be very useful if you need a certain amount of money quickly, because as we know the banks usually Take one or several working days to make the transfer completely, sometimes more, although if it is from one account to another of the same bank is usually instantaneous.
It seems that the desperation of the elderly has been the culprit in most cases since a young child would have to have the bank credentials of their parents to be able to carry out this, it is not known if the money will be returned to these People, although most likely not .

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