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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Apple blocks Apple Pay on hate-boosting pages and white nationalism

From Spain we have always looked to the United States as a country that was ahead of us in matters of economy and work, something that is certain, but one of the main powers in the world had to have some weakness or a black sheep to the Who did not look. In recent years and even today, racism is one of the biggest diseases the nation has , this has been encouraged by the current president, Donald Trump, who despite being racist and have nothing to do With the citizen of foot, has been winner in the elections by the presidency of the country.

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It has always been said that equality is difficult or almost impossible to achieve between races in a country such as the United States, but has recently reached an extreme where white people have taken control of the streets by painting in zones Urban symbols referring to Nazi philosophy or with t-shirts and banners which say things like "White Pride" . The head of America is giving a very bad image to everyone and rightly so, great fault of this falls on the shoulders of the current president as we have said something above.
Apple and Tim Cook, who has never gotten too well with the current white house resident because of things such as disagreement with the Paris deal against pollution , have had the brilliant idea of disabling or blocking Apple Pay as a method Of payment in pages or online stores that foment this type of public scandals . A clear example of this are the websites that sold all types of clothing in which it puts "White Pride". This seems to be one of the few options that the apple has to try to stop this type of events.
Apple Pay
Having done this at Apple, other major firms related to the world of online payment, such as PayPal, have done the same thing . Large internet shops that sell clothing of all kinds, including those that encourage this type of hatred, have decided to ban the sale of these clothing on their websites due to the impact that is having all this in the national and world press.

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