Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Apple disables the return policy in Hong Kong for the arrival of the iPhone 8

We all know that one of the fundamental pillars of both revenue and profits, which is the important part of the numbers that the apple gets, is the iPhone. This invention that revolutionized in every way the concept that we had of mobile phone has become and consolidated in the biggest source of benefits of Apple to date without a doubt. We were able to see 10 years from the day that Steve Jobs, the father and founder of the brand, presented the first model of this smartphone range in a keynote at WWDC 2007.

Apple vs. Reselling iPhone

Apple Store of Hong Kong
We are also aware that the continent in the world most important in financial matters for the company of the apple is without a doubt Asia , but more specifically China as it is the mother of the iPhone today, although we have been able to see recently That those of Cupertino are considering changing the place of manufacture of these terminals and pass them to India , place where this work is being carried out. We can say that little by little Apple is becoming more present in the rest of the world, a clear example of this was the opening of an incredible Apple Store in one of the most charismatic buildings within the capital of Taiwan, Hong Kong.
Well it seems that today Hong Kong is news place, this is because Apple has literally frozen the system and return policy in this country , of course the apple has a great reason to carry this out. The main reason why this is being done is by the exit of the next iPhone 8 and given that the resale within this country is huge, always are often commit frauds since when buying a terminal of the company Cupertino the customer has 14 Days to return it at no cost and that the money will be returned in full, so if they do not sell it before that period they will simply take it back to the Apple Store and not lose a penny.
Apple Store of Hong Kong
This is increasingly becoming a problem and it seems that Apple has begun to take action on the issue. It is not for less considering all the money that can get to lose the company of the block since the next terminal, the iPhone 8, will be the most expensive smartphone in history .

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