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Monday, August 7, 2017

Apple does not decide with augmented reality glasses

We all know that within Apple's family of workers since 1976 the company has always sought some way to outdo the market and current competition with something new and innovative in every way, but we are also aware that this is something that every Time is costing more and more to our beloved apple bite favorite . The evolution of technology and the Cupertino company have gone hand in hand for more than 4 decades, a clear example of this is the iPhone, 2G or Classic, which just 10 years ago since being presented in a keynote by Steve Jobs, father and founder of Apple.
As we have just said, the California company continues to be above the rest in almost all factors , as the Fortune 500, the list of the 500 most valuable companies, said Apple is the brand More profitable from the point of view of a common investor since they do not stop growing and will soon become the first company to reach more than a trillion dollars , but not billions as they are accustomed to say there, but A million million as we say in Spain.

Apple wants to innovate again

Virtual reality glasses
We are also aware that a new product that Apple will soon come to light are augmented reality glasses , which in theory should have been kept secret, but recently Tim Cook confirmed all the rumors on the subject publicly. One more clear clue was the appearance of ARKit in iOS 11, a software that we have already talked about on more than one occasion. The main issue is that the application of augmented reality in the operating system of iPhone and iPad is implied that the glasses will have compatibility with these two products from Apple.
First impressions ios 11
Now what is more nervous is putting the engineers of the Californian apple is that they have not yet decided just one month away from the iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive smartphone in history , if the magnified reality glasses will depend Or they can work independently of the iPhone itself , which would give us many more possibilities within the use of this futuristic gadget.

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