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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Apple exceeds market expectations by far

We all know that the company of the apple likes to do things well and that is why they have been since 1976 being one of the most important brands, but not only in the world of electronics but in the market in general since the first In what we think when hearing the name of laptop or simply want to change of mobile what comes to mind at that moment is an Apple product, although these have a somewhat high price compared to the competition, users of these We know perfectly that they are worth their corresponding price thanks to its quality and reliability among many other qualities.

Apple follows up

Apple Money
We recently told you that our dear company of Cupertino is currently about to be the first American firm to reach a value of one trillion dollars , but not one billion as they say in the American continent, but one million million as Well we say here in Spain. In this way they would break all the records, and the news that we come to tell today is a proof that that number is getting closer and that little by little we will see how it will become a reality.
Apple, like all companies that invoice an amount from X figure, have to present the gains and other data they get every quarter, so far, the shocking thing is that our beloved apple has literally broken all expectations by increasing one 12% of profits in just 3 months , something unheard of, that percentage would translate into 8.7 million dollars surpassing in this way all the expectations of market and that even some personalities inside the bag had been able to foresee.
All iPad models
In the last quarter Apple has sold 41 million iPhone, also increasing by 7% the number of handsets sold compared to the previous quarter . This does not end here, because thanks to this also raise the company's shares by 5% which would put them at $ 157.48 per share. So we can say that it has been 3 good months for the Californian apple in almost all aspects of the word and the best is yet to come with the output of the iPhone 8, which will be the most expensive terminal in history.

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