Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Apple has already increased production of AirPods to meet demand

In the last few hours Apple has wanted to discuss some very relevant data from the company through its CEO Tim Cook , who has talked about products such as AirPods or tax benefits in the last quarter.
According to Tim Cook Apple is adapting to the sector's demand for one of its flagship product. Specifically Tim Cook has ensured that Apple has increased the production capacity of its headphones , simply because the market was demanding more than the people of Cupertino could manufacture.
AirPods tv ads
It has even been Tim Cook himself who has assured that almost one hundred percent of users asked about their AirPods, have assured that they are very satisfied with the product of the Californians .
Perhaps with this Apple not only wants to boost sales of this first generation of AirPods , but want to lay the groundwork for future renovations or even what is preparing and confirm certain rumors we have been hearing in recent months, is that some model Of the next iPhone could include some AirPods as standard.
Iphone and airpods
What is clear is that with this new measure, Apple wants to give solution to that problem that users have been reporting since the product came out of lack of stock , both in physical stores and online.
Now we will wait for the next renewal of these AirPods to see if this satisfaction with the first generation displaces in a growing sales by the people of Cupertino , who undoubtedly with this commitment to increase the production of this product is confident that So be it.
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