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Monday, August 7, 2017

Apple has just opened its official Instagram account

Lately we have been able to witness how the workers of the company of the bite apple have gone looking for a niche in social networks to be more present in life and at the same time in the pocket of your most loyal followers , a clear example Of this is his Twitter account, this particular profile has already several years, but it seems that this social network is not as up-to-date as it may well be Facebook and until September last year has not come to be verified by the page in yes.

Apple returns to social networks

Hands-free mode instagram
So far our beloved brand of Cupertino only had two ways to approach the public in a way through Twitter, the first is the one we just mentioned and the second is the account of customer service , the latter if it is active today And upload small tutorials so that the most inexperienced users can find the answers that clear their doubts in a simple and light. It is also quite obvious that Apple product owners ask questions frequently to this Twitter account while it gives them the solution to their cases being more specific with them.
The truth was we did not expect the Californian firm to think about adding to another social network, but it seems that we were quite wrong since they decided to join the family of one of the social networks that is giving more than to speak at the present time Which is currently owned by Facebook, yes, we are talking more specifically of Instagram . It seems that the apple has wanted to find its own niche in this application in which people upload their own photos which is growing every day more and more.
The purpose of creating a profile on Instagram is simply to get closer to the users of the company in a very particular way: upload photos of people from around the world who send these to the account of Apple , this form being a rather intelligent step by Of the apple. It is not the first time that Tim Cook and his team plan to do something that will put even more people on their side, a clear example of this would be the public appearances of the CEO of the company or just the Apple Watch bracelets with the colors of Day of pride .

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