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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Apple launches the eighth beta of macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11

Apple has just released the eighth beta for developers of all its operating systems. In this article we will talk about macOS, watchOS and tvOS , while our partner Jose Alberto did the same of iOS 11 beta 8 .

The eighth beta of macOS High Sierra is already with us

Let's start talking about macOS High Sierra , which is undoubtedly the operating system that brought more new features after iOS 11.
As Apple said at the time, this version is no more than an improved version of macOS Sierra , following the style of updates that began with OS X Yosemite and OS X El Capitan. Of course, this beta 8 for developers can not be less, and again brings ... nothing ...
Well, no. It actually does not bring any visible newness, but it does bring a lot of performance improvements and bug fixes . In this way Apple wants to ensure that it brings a mature operating system and that does not give problems, in order to avoid the situation of delivering to the public an unstable operating system because of the rush, as it happened once in the past .
macOS High Sierra with Safari at WWDC
macOS High Sierra with Safari at WWDC

Reminder: new from macOS High Sierra

Ok, in this eighth beta there are no "major" news, but what's new in MacOS High Sierra?
As we mentioned earlier, this is an "intermediate" version. It is therefore logical that in general we do not see any interesting novelty. Even though there are, and Safari is the native application that brought more news. In its new version, the browser allows to silence the tabs or the entire browser completely, in addition to preventing us from being tracked, but without doubt in what most emphasized was its speed.
In addition, the Photos application incorporates new filters and synchronization options, and the Mail application is more efficient, saving up to 35% of disk space. But the main developments of macOS High Sierra are inside.
This version includes APFS , a modern and revolutionary file system. This is to replace the old HFS +, which was an improved version of HFS, a file system already considered archaic. That's why this change comes perfect, because in addition to being a totally new file system, it also incorporates features that make it much more efficient. Thus, APFS is faster and safer, in addition to taking up less space in certain cases. In addition, it is worth mentioning the incorporation of Metal 2 , the second version of video game creation technology for Mac, which unfortunately is not very exploited.
APFS, Apple's new file system.

What's New in watchOS 4 beta 8 and tvOS 11 beta 8

What's new? Who said anything new? Well the truth is that we are in a situation similar to that of MacOS High Sierra, and similar to what we had in the seventh beta . And we are again in the situation that there is no visible newness , and the only thing that Apple tells us is that they have made minor corrections and general improvements.
using Apple Watch to control your health
Apple Watch
And what news was there in watchOS 4 in general? For virtually none, just a few new areas and redesign of the applications of music and physical activity. And in TVOS 11 ? Even less. In this case we only had as a novelty the incorporation of Amazon Prime Video, a service of streaming videos (of the style of Netflix) that is gaining special importance since it comes included with the annual payment of Amazon Prime, although its main weakness is the scarce catalog ...
Apple TV with 4K support
Apple TV


As you can see we are facing a scarce year in terms of news in these three operating systems. As you know, with iOS 11  the thing is completely different , as we have both visual changes and functional changes. Although the truth is that is something that I do not dislike, because I think they have not malacostumbrado to have update "fat" every year ...
And how many betas are missing? Well the truth is that everything indicates that this will be the last ... We have hardly received important updates in the last, which, coupled with the fact that we are only a few weeks away from the  iPhone keynote , may imply that this is the penultimate beta before GM.
What do you think? Is it good that they do this? Do you think they are managing their operating systems well? How many betas do you think are missing?

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