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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Apple Maps could work with augmented reality on the iPhone 8

In the past WWDC, Apple introduced ARKit , a technology that will allow developers to create applications using virtual reality or augmented reality. After this launch, the developers have put to work to surprise the users of a new world with much future. In this case we talked about the native application of Apple Maps for iOS that could incorporate this new technology.

Apple Maps in with ARKit

So far we were accustomed to seeing the app through a map and through it to guide us to reach our destination, but that is past, or rather, could be passed. According to sources of developers have been shown that could take a giant step thanks to ARKit changing the map on the screen to show the camera in our device but with the novelty that we would walk on it we will continue to follow, as we can see the following image .
ARKit is displayed on Apple Maps
ARKit is displayed on Apple Maps
Even this has not been seen in any iOS 11 beta but if it is true that it is leaving its tracks in the Maps app. The developer Felix Lapalme has discovered in the internal source code a detail about the arrow that indicates the route. In particular, this icon we have always known in two dimensions, now has changed to become a three-dimensional arrow , which makes us think that Apple is working on this new technology. , on the latest iOS 11 beta, ships with this beautiful and transparent “guidanceArrowV4” sceneKit scene which…
As we say, those who have been able to try these latest bets for iOS 11 for both iPad and iPhone have not seen ARKit in its entirety, perhaps, and most likely, because Apple is waiting to get the new iPhone 8 with their camera specific to it. Even so, you see details that make us suspicious. In addition to the above, now in Apple Maps, we can move interact with the map by tilting the device and even while we walk.


What is a reality, is that the day, not too far away, that Apple Maps decides to show this technology will be a success for all users who use Maps. Imagine that from the same app we see the street with the directions to reach our destination . We will no longer have excuse to lose or not know how to reach a specific point.

We only have to wait, impatiently, for the next Apple Keynote that will take place in September to see what we are surprised by Apple and, in this case, Apple Maps.

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