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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Apple Pay continues to expand in the United States

We all know that the Californian company has always wanted to make life easier for us throughout history. Moreover , one of its most famous slogans was: when you try an Apple product, you will not want to try any other brand in the market because we make you the Life easier and simpler . In a sense this is true, a clear example of this is iTunes; The platform that revolutionized the music industry making it much simpler and more convenient to buy music, thus creating a way to buy songs online from 99 cents.

Apple always looking for a weak point

Tim Cook
Today the Cupertino company is looking for all the ways to take a competition to services offered by other brands of world renown , a clear example of this may well be the HomePod which is basically a voice control of some parts of our house as May well be the alarm or the lights of certain rooms, in this case this product was the Amazon Echo counterpart. Even on Amazon have said that the HomePod will not be a problem for their sales .
A while ago we could see that Apple wanted to take another alternative to a somewhat more particular feature and that few brands can offer us today, we are referring to the Apple Pay. It's a very similar system to the SamsungPay , it really is the same in almost every way except in the obvious.
While Korean software to pay at almost any establishment is expanding faster and faster, it seems that the application of the bite apple is also doing the same, but more specifically in the United States as more and more banks are approving the application for Allow compatibility with this tool so comfortable and useful, as we will not need to open the wallet and take one of our cards to pay in a restaurant or any other establishment.
Apple Pay Spain
The number of banks that have accepted the Apple application for transfers or payments instantly does not stop rising, as 21 banks in the United States alone and 5 around the world have signed an agreement with Tim Cook's team to Make use of this simple and convenient app. Although in Spain not much is known about the Apple Pay, we hope that soon we can also make us use of it as the advantages that it offers are immense .

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