Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Apple Pay continues to grow thanks to the agreement with new entities

Mobile payment services have already appeared some times with companies as powerful as Samsung or Apple , who bet on entering this sector thanks to the NFC chips and the expectations that were in this sector that today still does not show its full potential.
Nowadays these systems of payments through our mobiles are not the form of payment that the user uses more , for diverse reasons such as distrust or the difficulty that these marks are having to make agreements in each country with each bank with the Who want to work.
Apple Pay
A clear example of this is what happens in Spain, where Santander is the only banking entity collaborating with Apple Pay , and only CaixaBank plans to join this union with Apple's payment service in 2017 .
It is precisely this that has led Apple and its service Apple Pay have expanded their collaboration with some new banks from countries as diverse as the United States, Russia and China betting to accommodate the largest number of entities within this collaboration agreement.
In this way these and other countries like the United Kingdom have entered to collaborate with Apple * for the development of its Apple Pay, through both banks and credit unions that will grow a little more this service of the Californians.
Apple Watch Pay
You should also note that Apple may be working on the development of its payment service, due to the fact that with iOS 11 Apple will open a new door already announced as it is the sending of money between people through its iMessages application .
Undoubtedly these are great news for a service of the apple people that can continue to grow thanks to this expansion by different countries and banking entities , and that will allow you to continue growing in an increasingly competitive sector such as mobile payments.
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