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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Apple Pay will improve security with the arrival of the iPhone 8

Undoubtedly one of the aspects that is worth mentioning is the great diversity of services offered by the Californian company to its clients . The expansion into new areas is something that seems to be working quite well to the organization of the block. What services do we mean specifically?
Apple Pay is a good example of this. With the arrival of the payment method made in Apple, the distance bank has undergone a small technological revolution. And is that pay with the phone sounds futuristic, but luckily is a real reality today.
Even so, it should be noted that this service is being progressively incorporated by different parts of the globe. Fortunately, Spain has already had this service for some time , and certainly gives a great comfort and ease to iPhone users.
It should be noted that one of the important aspects to take into account in this service is security . And is that with the arrival of iOS 11, users can make payments through the messaging service of iMessage, thus encouraging payments via P2P . In this way, Cupertino have had to create a new way to ensure security in the new update of the company's mobile operating system.

Apple further strengthens iOS 11 security

Everything indicates that the engineers of the firm would introduce the rumored facial recognition to the new renewal of the iPhone 8. "Pearl ID" is the name that has received such tool, would be the ideal substitute for the famous Touch ID, since it is very It is likely that this piece of software will not be incorporated into the next version of the iPhone.
In short, security payments through Apple Pay thanks to the introduction of tools such as the famous face recognition. Even so, we do not know the fluidity and comfort that this novelty will take until we see it at full capacity.

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