Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Apple prepares freelancers to take people to their offices in Cupertino

The Apple Park , the new Apple campus office where we can find the famous spaceship , is located very close to their historical and offices in recent decades at Infinite Loop .
As we see in the following map, the drive by car, in addition to being very simple, only lasts 15 minutes . Walking, the 2.8 kilometers that separate the two campuses run in about 37 minutes.
Travel by car between the two Apple office campuses
By bicycle, it takes about 10 minutes ... is a very affordable distance and also very appropriate for a new service that Apple will make available to its employees, called PAIL , thanks to which a person can travel by car from one campus to another without need Of driving, as the autonomous driving system that Apple is developing will take them automatically .
PAIL comes from P alo A lto to I nfinite L oop , which are the locations of the addresses of both offices. This name uses Palo Alto because it was thought before Apple Park officially had that name ... maybe, now they should call it APIL instead of PAIL, but hey, that's just a curiosity. The interesting thing is that there will be a service of cars that drive alone taking employees or visits from Apple from one office to another in comfort, and mixing with real traffic on the road, an excellent way to accumulate the experience necessary to develop this type of Systems.
Now, let's hope Apple chooses a good car to install its standalone driving system. For now they use the Lexus RX450h , which are fine, but do not stop being cars with engines terms, which pollute the road. It would be much better to use, for example, a Tesla Model X ... but as they say in these cases, oh wait! It seems that those already have a very good autonomous driving system installed
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