Monday, August 7, 2017

Apple prepares to open its ninth Apple Store in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto is not the largest city in Japan, but it is certainly the most traditional, and also the most visited by tourists. With hundreds of temples in sight just walking through any of its streets, the ancient capital of the Japanese archipelago has so much historical and cultural value that it was not bombed during World War II as were other cities like Tokyo. Today it is visited by millions of tourists around the world (20 million foreigners and 56 million if we count Japanese from other cities as well) and for that reason it is very striking that, until now, there was no Apple Store there. The closest Apple store until recently, was in the neighboring city of Osaka,
This problem will be solved soon because Apple plans to open its ninth store in Japan precisely in Kyoto, and for that reason, is already looking for employees to attend this new establishment. Shop leader, creative, Genius, service specialists, inventory ... all the jobs in an Apple store are now available for those who want to apply and try to work there.
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