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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Apple releases fourth public beta of MacOS High Sierra and tvOS 11

Following the launch yesterday of the fifth betos of macOS High Sierra and tvOS 11 for developers, today touches day of public bets of iOS 11 and the operating systems mentioned above.
These public betas come to us after the developers have seen that there is no major error, which can leave your device inoperative. That is why it is now launched to all users who are in the Apple betas program.

These are the news of the fourth beta of macOS High Sierra

Apple already has us accustomed not to reveal too much data of this beta.  As we test this beta, we will put the detailed features, if any, of this public beta and our opinion . At the moment, Apple is focused on improving performance in this second public beta. Undoubtedly, we are facing a slightly more mature software despite being a very early beta, whose performance and autonomy leaves much to be desired.
MacOS High Sierra with iPhone
MacOS High Sierra with an iPhone
The most important new features of MacOS High Sierra come mainly from Safari, Apple's official web browser will become the world's fastest browser, surpassing even Google Chrome. But it will not be the only novelty of the browser as it will include  the blocking of automatic playback  on certain pages that do not ask permission before the user, a new method to  prevent them from using your Internet tracking to offer you certain advertising .
Mail will store 35% less space for e-mail . The  MacOS High Sierra Photos app  will have new filters, facial recognition enhancements and instant sync with all your Apple devices. Without forgetting the  new system of files of the system . Farewell to HFS to welcome the  Apple File System (AFP) , more secure, faster and smaller storage space by our archives. Finally, note that this new version of macOS will bring better performance in the system itself thanks to some updates like  Metal2 .

What will we find on tvOS 11?

If yesterday released the fifth  beta for developers of tvOS 11 , we assume that this public version will be very similar to the version released yesterday.
Recall that the only important new expected from this new software for the Apple TV is the arrival of  Amazon Prime Video next September . So far were the words spoken by Tim Cook (CEO of Apple) during the last  WWDC 2017 .
This was the only new feature visible in TVOS 11,  a single integration of streaming services on the fourth generation Apple TV. A presentation where much more was expected like the rumored renovation of the Apple TV with the capacity of  support 4K or some newness on the part of tvOS 11.

As we commented two weeks ago, thanks to tvOS 11 the new AirPods will be able to appear among the audio options without the need to configure them. A new feature that is already available on iOS and MacOS. In addition, the new AirPlay 2 feature  will also come with tvOS 11 . This feature will allow you to control the entire audio system of your home with the Apple TV. This will allow you to play a song in the living room of your house and in the kitchen at the same time, adjusting the volume of each room directly from Apple TV with tvOS 11.

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