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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Apple shares continue to rise

We all know that the California firm has been growing practically since it was founded more than 40 years ago, in 1976, since, as we have already said, only 8 years after its birth, it was already in the Fortune 500. That are the five hundred most valuable brands or companies obtaining the number 411, although at the moment it is among the first ten, but little by little it is climbing positions. What's more, recently this same list publicly said that Apple was the best company to bet from the point of view of a common investor and that soon will reach the trillion dollar record , but not billions as they are accustomed to saying there, but a million Of millions as we would say in Spain.

Apple goes towards its objective

Message from Tim Cook after the election of Donald Trump
Apple is a brand that does not stop growing constantly, perhaps not at the same pace as they did before because today they do not innovate at the same speed or the way they did before , a clear example of this Is the iPhone, which was presented 10 years ago , was a revolution for the telephony market offering everything that a mobile phone of the time offered, but in a more aesthetic and much more comfortable to facilitate us the same In day to day.
The goal that Tim Cook and the rest of his team have in mind is the one mentioned above: the trillion dollars . To carry out this process and absolute record in the industry will have to raise the value of their actions, increase revenues and profits, and with a little luck and effort will reach the goal, currently stand at 830 billion dollars , Which are not so far from the objective in itself seen from a financial point of view.
Fiscal results
It seems that everything goes according to plan by the apple and its workers, as the value of Apple shares has reached a historic record by whichever approach , this figure is $ 161.83 per share , a number Incredibly loud if we talk about such things. We hope that the push that the company of Cupertino is missing to reach its goal is the iPhone 8, which will see the light in September being thus the most expensive smartphone of history surpassing the 1,000 dollars .

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