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Monday, August 7, 2017

Apple will continue to grow this 2017 and these are the reasons

The 12% increase in Apple's earnings during the second quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year, is a clear sign that the technology giant has made the best decisions regarding its products and marketing strategies . And while this already seems sufficient, financial Citigroup has gotten five more reasons why Apple's revenue will increase.
According to the analysis done by one of the largest financial companies in the world, Apple shares could be traded up to 170 euros per title in a short time.

Reasons for Apple's success in 2017

  • IPhone 8: In the terminal that will celebrate the 10 years of the launch of the iPhone indicates that Apple will do something special. For almost a year, rumors have surfaced that augurs a device with a total redesign, and changes in the software really fascinating. Therefore, with its launch is expected a supercycle for those of Cupertino. Every million units sold from iPhone add $ 0.04 per share, per share for Apple and $ 0.015 for iPhone SE units, according to calculations by the firm.
  • Apple Services: Thanks to services like Apple Music, iTunes, Apple Pay or the App Store, the company expects to double the revenue it receives in this section in 2020.
  • Trump tax rebates: At this point Apple can benefit from two scenarios; Either by a reduction in corporation tax, or by a possible reduction of the tax for repatriating profits. In this sense, Citi estimates that only a corporate tax rebate would raise Apple's earnings per share by 6%.
  • Employees: Citi expects that the sale of terminals to businesses, currently 10%, will be one of Apple's strengths in the next few years.
  • Stock changes in the days leading up to the launch: Prior to the launch of a new iPhone, the numbers are in favor of signing the bite apple, something like 4.5% more profit per share. So that is one of the key benefits for the company.

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